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Monthly goals for blogging: January – March 2019

It is important that for every project or activity you want to start, you actually set certain goals to achieve. Monthly goals for short term and 1-5 years for long term. When it comes to building your own blog and establishing your new business, it is crucial that you have some focused achievements to reach. I think it is not OK to “just go with the flow” if you want to be successful.
You need a plan and a damn good one! And what is included in any well-done plan? Goals! Targets! Milestones! However you would like to call them, they are needed and essential.
This is the first time when I seriously put my heart and soul and lots of energy into launching and growing my blog. I want it to become a nice and modest business, enough to pay the bills and give my family and I a better life to enjoy.
I want to set specific and measurable beginner blogging goals. Every month I want to target something, but yet I chose to have this kind of post every 3 months. In this way I can better focus on the full quarter and develop my strategy in a smart way.
My objective is not to create here a new “to do” list because trust me, I have enough on my mind. Seriously, having such a list it’s just another stress factor to kill my mood. That is why I want to keep it simple and achievable. Truth to be told, as a beginner, it is tough to know “my powers”. I know I will do everything I can to reach these goals and when I will make the review in April 2019, we will see together if I was too ambitious or didn’t trust myself enough.

My first monthly blogging goals for January – March 2019

So here they are, the monthly beginner blogging goals that I have set for the first quarter of 2019! My 5 blog & biz goals that I want to achieve this first time when I invest my resources into this marvelous project.

Have a content calendar with scheduled blog posts

I am a HERO mom and as every mom, my free time is limited. We all know it, when you have kids, you will really have time for your hobbies just when they move out, haha. Till then, you have to do your best and take advantage of any spare minute you have.

Like I do now. My baby sleeps next to me, I have my headphones on listening to GoT full soundtrack and I am in the writing zone. During my 09:00 – 17:00 I was often listening to this while working on the marketing plan and I was very productive.

Ok, back to my content calendar.

I already drafted one in Excel, but I have seen several Trello boards used as content calendar which seemed interesting. So I have to decide which way to go and insert there all my ideas.

I have noticed that it is way much easier having things planned in advance. Duhh, right? Having a well done content calendar will save me a lot of time and I will have one stress less for the planned period.

What method do you use to schedule your blog posts?

Stick to the content calendar and post constantly

I guess there is not much to explain here, but I will tell you a little story.

A year ago, when I launched this blog for the first time, I had a three month posting plan. I wanted to publish something every week, sometimes twice per week, so I wrote some posts in advance. All good till I published all and didn’t manage to write new ones.

When I told my husband about it, he told me I was too ambitious giving the circumstances and I should revise my content calendar. He was right, I knew it, so I revised it. Long story short, I was too ambitious again.

So now, I will be sooo, but sooo reserved that it has to work. I would rather publish good quality content rather than lots of short and more general posts.

Oh, and here I must include the need to write my articles at least one month in advance. Is a must! I did this one year ago and it was awesome. Having one month worth of blog posts gave me the opportunity to plan and write the next month and also not to worry “what will I post this week?”.

At the end, I had to postpone launching my blog for one year and I think it was the best decision! Wanna know why? I wrote a post about it.

Attract more subscribers and build an e-mailing list

I started this a while ago, but because of my 1 year break I had to let it go. Last month I have been working on a cool free e-course about how to start your blog using WordPress and Bluehost (affiliate link on the banner below). I am really proud on how it turned out, so if you want it join my newsletter and you will get it automatically in your inbox.

I have big plans to create more interesting and useful freebies for the mompreneurs, so it would be a pitty if you would not join.

I hate spam and I will not send out tons of e-mails till your inbox explodes. I know famous bloggers who do this and it is so annoying that I unsubscribed from their lists. And it is a pity, they were sending useful information (well, not all the time…). But seeing my inbox having 1000+ unread e-mails gives me the same stress as a “to do” list does.

Update the existent freebies

I changed my branding several times since I have this domain active. After the last change (yeah, last month), I said it is time to stop this madness and focus on other important things. I am not saying that branding is not important. No, no, no! Damn, I have a great post explaining why branding is crucial for your business. My problem was that I really like design, so I was getting lost a bit too much (or often) into the artistic world.

Now that my branding is final as I am not planning to change it at all this year, I want to give a fresh look to the existent free stuff I offer on this blog. I enjoyed working on the e-course and made me realize that I need to be consistent with the other materials also and make them prettier and more useful.

I am announcing my freebies through the newsletter, so here is another reason to subscribe!

Yes, count me in!

I will try my best to achieve these objectives giving all the craziness happening in our lives right now (and always). My free time is really limited, but this should not stop me. I am not giving up, au contraire mes amis I am very motivated to make this work.

During these three months, I am sure I will target additional goals which I cannot think about right now. But I will write about that in the next blogging goals post which I will publish on 1st of April.

What goals have you established for your first months blogging? Was it difficult to achieve them?

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