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What I miss from having a 09:00 – 17:00 job

No, I haven’t quit my daily job, but I am on a break from it for minimum 2 years (fingers crossed to be able to get 3 years). How is that possible? Well, mothers will understand. I am on maternity leave and I wish it never ends.

I love spending time with my daughter and being there for literally every second of her life, so I wouldn’t trade this for anything in the world.

There are times when I miss the hectic corporate life. I know, right? When this craziness happens, I take a look at my child and I remember what my husband told me, I think few days before I gave birth: “Honey, you look amazing and so much better now that you are not going to work anymore. Seriously, you look happier and more peaceful without all that stress”.

And so it was! I could feel it and I still do! Yes, I have different things to stress about now, but at least I don’t have to deal with all the corporate targets and stuff.

Nevertheless, while I enjoy the “vacation” as some would call the maternity leave (I dare you: be a mom for 24h), I do think about work from time to time. Actually, about the people and not about the work itself.

People & smart conversations

I think this is the most important thing I miss from my daily job: people and business conversations. I spend 90% of my time just with our sweet baby, so I don’t get to meet adults and have serious conversations anymore. And when I do meet adults, we always end up talking about babies. For a workaholic like me, I need to keep my brain busy with more than diapers and toys. So, I miss being in the corporate world and having intriguing conversations about budgets and promotions.

Luckily, my husband works in the same company, having similar responsibilities I had before I started my maternity leave, so I have him to talk about business and keep my mind engaged.

During my first years at this company, I had at some point a colleague who came back from maternity leave and I was surprised how many things she had forgotten. Now, I totally understand her. It is normal once you filled out your memory with annoying kid songs for the past 1-2 years, haha.

The working environment

Connected to people, I miss being an expat and working in an international environment, meeting new people, learning about their culture and their own expat experiences. It is not easy to be in a foreign country, especially if you don’t speak the language (trust me, I know!), so I really enjoyed sharing our experience and knowledge with the newbies.

I remember, first time we moved abroad 4 years ago (and actually the only time so far), it was very useful to have another colleague from a different country, plus all the helpful locals. By the time I started the maternity leave (and moved back home for the baby), there were tens of expats in the department.

Morning coffee habits

One important activity I miss from working in a multinational company is the morning coffee routine. It was the same every day: came in the office, freshen up in the bathroom, take a bottle of water at my desk and then coffee time. No, no, I am not the kind of person who takes one hour break immediately after getting in the office. No. Coffee time for me meant going to the kitchen or cafeteria, grab a coffee and then enjoying it over reading the e-mails.

It was a nice ritual which I was blessed to be able to share with my husband too, so it was quite lovely. And there were 5-10 minutes to chit-chat with the other colleagues while waiting for our coffee, about the last Marvel movie or career paths we want to take.

Oh, and now that I remembered about the cafeteria, there is one thing I don’t miss, not in a million years. That is the cafeteria food. So many deep fried stuff and strange sauces, or not well cooked vegetables. We were cooking during the week, but not all the time so we had to go there too.

Being a HERO business woman

Another activity that I miss is actually the feeling that you spin the wheels and get things done successfully. I think it can be translated into being “someone” and doing “something” that reflects into the business results.

When you work for certain goals and you and your team are fighting together to reach them, it is fulfilling to see how your individual work matched a new piece to that complex puzzle. Not to mention, when your leader notices too, haha.

But I enjoy way much more being a HERO mom 🙂 always!

Air conditioning

Or should I mention that last summer I reaaally missed the office AC? It was so damn hot that I was jealous on my husband for going in a chilly office and I was melting like an ice cream at home.

I think that is it.

Have you ever thought what do you miss from your corporate, daily job? Or if you still have it, what would you miss after a while?


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