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Why I postponed the launch of my blog for a year

Remember that moment when you said that you are getting serious about blogging (or about another important project for you) and one year later, you are still promising to yourself that you are starting “tomorrow” and continue with enthusiasm?

Well, if you don’t remember it or you don’t want to remember it, I feel you! But it is time to take the bull by the horns and do something about it.

On one hand it is not ok to start a thing and then just leave it. One of my personal and favorite project is actually creating and launching this blog. And more important to stick to it! I have this in my mind for so many years and I had so many trials to make it work. Too many I would say, really. I wasted too much time procrastinating and making excuses.

Now, on the other hand, last time I decided to invest my time in growing this blog, I chose a reaaally bad timing. Almost one year ago when I was writing, scheduling, creating blog graphics and so on, I was pregnant, starting my last trimester. I was tired, still going to my 09 – 17:00 job. Last thing I wanted when I got home was to work more and more.

So after I wrote some posts in advance, scheduled everything, I stopped. Christmas holidays came, we had guests over for one week I think and I lost track of everything. I was just checking the numbers. And they were really good giving that I was only using some FB groups for promoting my blog posts.

And then, the baby came. All I wanted to do was to spend my time with her. Our sweet little girl! Don’t get me wrong, I still want to spend every second with her, it’s just that now she sleeps better, plays a bit with her toys. I mean, when she was smaller, I could do nothing. Barely got time to pee. But as they go bigger, you have at least 30 minutes per day for yourself (or to make laundry). If you are lucky, haha. Moms, you know what I am talking about!

That’s why I had to ignore and postpone everything. It is better to do so, instead of doing it all wrong like I did at the beginning.

— Oops, she woke up a bit! I have to take a breastfeeding break and nap time with the baby (woke up at 04:00 for almost a week now, I need it) —

— And actually, this was a 5 days break! See why am I writing this post, end of November, to be published in January, next year?! —

So, what I was saying? Oh, yeah. That I want to make something out of this blog and I need you to join me on this journey.

Being outside the corporate world for almost a year soon, it is not easy for my brain. All day I am with my daughter and now and then I miss having serious conversations, putting my brain to work more than singing a song or playing a game. Luckily (or sometimes not), my husband and I speak about his work from time to time, so this keeps my juice going.

But I want something more creative than those boring excels! Something or somewhere I can express myself without any office political game.

Plus, it’s good to have less stress because of the daily fight to reach the financial targets.

So, that’s why I have this personal space here, on the mighty world wide web. It’s a place where I can put my brain to work and keep it updated with all kind of novelties in the area I am passionate and writing about. And in the same time, my desire is to help you, the blogger newbie or beginner entrepreneur how to launch your dream blog or/and business.

My plans for this blog are big and I want to make it more than a blog. I want it to be a business so I can better support my family. Yes, I know, it is a long way till I can do that. But I am used to start from the bottom, I was never offered something for free, just like that. No, no, no. I earned it and I will do now also.

You can also do it! Trust me, if I can, you can do too! I don’t want to sound cheesy though, but I am serious.

It would be helpful, but also fun, to gather more people like me who have been struggling for a while now to put themselves out there and do something that they really like. Something meaningful and rewarding!

If your story is similar to mine and you don’t know where from and how to start a new blogging life, here is what I suggest you: join my newsletter mailing list and let’s support each other with useful advice, helpful thoughts and a looot of positive energy.

Why to join you ask? Well, even if I was not writing, in this whole time I was reading. And I was reading a lot about my interests like business, marketing, communication, social media and you name it! I have accumulated precious information that I am eager to be sharing with you. And I will.

As writing this, my brain is already creating the content calendar for the newsletter. So many ideas, you guys! You’ll see.

Ok, now that I have told you why I postponed to launch my blog for almost one year, I want to know why haven’t you started your dream project? And actually, what is your dream project?

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